Adventure in Wild Food

I’ve always been fascinated by wild food since I was a child. Like many kampung kids, I would spend almost all of my time outside with friends playing around the kampung. Picking and gathering wild food that nature has to offer for snack, medicine and masak-masak was a common practice of those times. Wild food has never failed to provide some much needed flavor and calories to keep us going for all day long.

Though the nostalgia for my kampung days has long gone, I have never lost the desire to continuously learn, discover and supplement my diet with wild edibles.

Wild Purslane... The most nutritious green plant on Earth and it’s free! The best part about purslane is it grows just about everywhere, all over the world. You don’t have to go far to find this “superfood”. This little patch of succulent wild purslane was found on the side of the alley behind my house.
Google it out! Find out why this wonderful “weed” was given the title “The most nutritious green plant on Earth”

Taste fresh, soft, crunchy with a little lemony zing. This nutritional powerhouse “weed” makes a super tasty salad that even Mr. Hendrick would approve.

 Yummy wild edible for self-sufficiency and survival. Can be eaten in almost every way imaginable (raw, cooked or pickled). So step outside and look around, you may find your free superfood.

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