This is it

The time is ripe. This is the moment we've waited for. There is no reason
why anybody needs to be left at home now. Everyone is going, Yeah!!

At 11 month old, baby Iwen is ready for some off-road adventure.

Merely 6 km , this was one of the best ride of our life.


Like mushrooms after the rain, mountain biking phenomenon in Penang is growing in popularity. It wasn't all that long ago when we heard someone say something like "What?? 3000 Ringgit for a bicycle??? Better buy a motorbike-lah...". Now you see mountain bikers on flashy mountain bikes everywhere. MTB has become tremendously popular, and it's too hot even an avid badminton player like CHONG (old buddy) who isn't really an outdoor person couldn't wait to jump on the two-wheel bandwagon.

Yeeah!! CHONG (second from left) survived his virgin MTB ride.
(30km hilly ride from Teluk Bahang - Pantai Aceh - Teluk Bahang)

No mushroom seen, though there are beautiful waterfalls along the ride.

Here goes another Kawanbike gesture.