A Beautiful Merdeka Day 2014

We, ourselves and us...
Celebrating true freedom, peace and joy in harmony with nature. 

Shampoo Ginger... Wild man’s shampoo that grows along the stream banks.
A simple squeeze out of this flower gives you a natural aromatic shampoo that cleans and moisturizes the hair after a long day in the stream. 100% natural and it's free! What could possibly be better than this?

 Plenty of free snacks available too... The jungle Duku season is at its peak.

Hairy Clidemia (Clidemia hirta)... Another useful wild plant that grows around there.
This is one of the most useful wild plant every outdoor kaki should know. Locally known as Senduduk Bulu, the medicinal value of this plant is well known to the kampung folks. The berries are edible, taste sweet and succulent, a bit like a deeply flavored blueberry. The leaves can be used for washing dishes and can be crushed and applied to cuts and wounds or rub against leech bite to stop bleeding.

 DIY Superlight Wood Stove in Hexi burning mode in action...
No picnic is complete without a hot, steamy pot of noodles. Yumee!

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