Freaking Sunday @ Sungai Lembu

As much as we like to ride, we love the jungle. But cross paths with a Giant Forest Scorpion and a King Cobra ( two of the deadliest creatures in the rainforest ) is the last thing we need on a mountain bike ride, but that's just what happened to us last Sunday. Fortunately the latter one just whizzed past like an arrow, crossing our path and slithered away before we could blink an eye.

King cobra is a territorial reptile like the tiger.They are territorial, and stay in the same area. There have been a number of  un-published reports of king cobra sightings in various parts of Bukit Mertajam ( Berapit Hill, Mengkuang Dam, Bukit Langkap...etc) and this was my third sightings of the 'King' and it happened twice in this particular area. Beware!

Sexy...a beautiful Malaysian Giant Scorpion  in an aggresive posture.

The largest wild scorpion i've seen so far. This fella really does live up to its name.

New Kawanbike logo

Nothing revolutionary, but the Kawanbike family
just got bigger, livelier & merrier...Cheers!