DIY Superlight Wood Stove

Ooops!... I did it again. 
For whatever reason, I just can’t get enough of stoving...


Wild Camping_The Lost Golden Beach Re-explored

With 1181 hectares of forest and 1381 hectares of wetlands, Penang National Park’s ecosystem is a diversity of habitats with hills, sandy and rocky beaches, streams and coastal forests. Despite being the the world's smallest national park, the Park offers vast opportunities for some truly wild experience if you're willing to go one step further... Off the beaten path!


Wild Woodgas Stove

More British in the house!  
 As you might know, i’m a big fan of wood fire cooking. I like the idea of using small sticks, twigs and pieces of available wood as fuel. Nothing beats the sight, smell and the deep-felt sense of satisfaction when cooking a meal on a wood fire.

An awesome family time, outdoor cooking and lots of fun practicing firecraft...

This little British-designed stove is just perfect for those “no campfire” situations. Moreover, it fits all the criteria I’m looking for in my “family/small group” bushcraft specific cook kit. It also packs down small enough to fit inside my 1 litre primary cooking pot and still leaving some room for a backup Meth stove, hexi blocks, lighter, glove...etc.

Just imagine... More than 30 minutes of continuous smokeless flame is all yours with 
just one load of  natural fuel if you process and load it properly.

Karrimor SF

Another British in the house!   
This will be my purpose-built “minimalist” jungle kit for both day hike and probably 3 to 4 nights of wild camping (with the addition of modular pouches attached). Built to military specifications, I'm sure it will serve me long and well for many many years to come.

Giant Tree Discovery

Call me a pervert if you want, but...
I just couldn’t resist giving this “Giant” a big hug and a kiss.


My Childhood Game

As a child of the 70s-80s growing up in a kampung, there's no shortage of fun to be had even without the hitech gadgets and downloads back then. Many games were creatively created from scrap and natural resources found around the kampung and the kampung itself is one big beautiful playground.

I miss those good old days so damn much! But like it or not, technology has changed the way we live today, let alone how our children play.

  Sharing a piece of my carefree childhood with my children...

On a trip down memory lane...

Let's get out and play!