Trail Gator Wee Ride

"Daddy look!...baa..nanah...on tree"

That was the first thing that captured my little boy's (Iwen) attention as we roll our way into the beautiful wide open landscape. Countless questions about everything whizzed by thereafter... the birds, the cows, the sheeps, the makcik-makcik (Aunties) who fish along the water channel & many many others. The word 'Why?' will be there in almost all the sentences. Fell asleep on a ride has become a thing of the past. Boy oh boy, they grow up so quickly, don't they?

A photograph cannot stop time, but it can freeze it, capturing a beautiful moment in a child’s development which would otherwise be lost forever.

Priceless... A sweet 18km evening ride on our faithful mountain bike in full 'Child mode' captured in a beautiful moment.