A smile that make our day

Priceless family moment with o' O' the Mini Pinscher

Golden hour that last forever

Finally...the air is fresh again after yesterdays rain.
A beautiful day like this don't come everyday.
What are you waiting for? Grab the camera,
get on your bike and get out there.

Left: Wien with his favorite toy gun & a MP3 strapped over his neck.

Right: A golden moment seized.

Fire in Sumatera...Haze in Penang

Obviously...pollution is a global issue.
Can we still afford to turn a blind eye to this?

18 June 2009
Missus pushing on the final section before reaching the peak.
Visibility reported to be at between 4 & 5 kilometers on that day.

A typical Dam view at the peak on a clear day.
Date picture taken: 7 June 2009

More trees to combat climate change

Bucida Molineti

also known as Dwarf Geometry Tree/Spiny Black Olive.

One of our favorite plants just planted in our garden. They're simply beautiful & we can't get enough of it.

"Cool shade anyone??

A wonderful Kawanbike weekend

Saturday, 6 June 09
A stroll in the city park (Youth Park) with my 2 little Kawanbike

Sunday, 7 June 09
With technical singletrack, awesome scenery & very less traffic,
this is one of the best XC trail for busy young father like me.

Mind our own business

Sunday, May 31 2009. Polling day for Penanti by-election.
Instead of voting, 3 busybodies biked up to Bukit Langkap &
left a small gesture of Kawanbike at the peak.