Pilgrimage Ride

Riding the sacred trail, Vivekavana has become my weekly ritual. It almost feels like i'm going on a pilgrimage, getting closer to nature, fulfilling emotional & physical needs & searching for the ultimate sense of achievement one can get from topping a hill non-stop. Thanks to the 2km long god forsaken climb to haven.

A hidden jewel...
Vivekava is a Theravadian monastery located up the hill of Bukit Mertajam.
By far, this is the most beautiful trail i've ever ridden & still think it's very beautiful
even i've ridden the trail so many times.


Fresh jungle breeze...sweet cicada buzz... & cool jungle trail seems further & further away from her ever since the arrival of our 2 lovely little monsters (Wien & Iwen).

It's been almost 8 months since her last MTB ride up a hill. Even though we had our family ride regularly (around the neighborhood, most of the time), the love of riding in the great outdoors can never get enough. She miss the mother nature so much & even missed all the excitement that i was fortunate enough to have by sacrificing herself taking care of the family while i'm hitting the trail.

Well, i guess that's the nature of a great mother... a wonderful wife.
Thanks for the sacrifice...Thanks for everything!

Even though indoor workout is not really her cup of tea, keeping fit is vital in order to keep up with the kids...
or perhaps for the next MTB outing in near future.