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Just got back from holiday...

 Hours of gruesome treks through overgrown jungle on a mission to explore the most isolated, wildest and least visited part of Penang National Park. The "Golden Beach" a.k.a. Pantai Mas.

My Mini Fishing Kit

What makes a good fishing kit?

For me, the best fishing kit is the one i have with me whenever i need it.

A little kit for survival and those opportunist 
fishing moments... Close at hand.

 There are many times that we are either mountain biking, hiking or going on a bikepacking trip exploring the great outdoors, we happen to come across some nice spots that are perfect to fish from but regret that we did not bring any fishing gear with us. Well, those are a few instances when a little fishing kit in the pack can come in handy, and what's more, if i'm stuck in a survival situation. Having a fishing kit close at hand in those events would be invaluable. 

Taking that in consideration, this fishing kit was designed to be compact and lightweight that  i can keep in the pack and forget that it's there until i need it.

The kit holds over 60 feet of line wrapped around the bike inner tube that works as slip stopper. The loose end of the line and a little inner tube loop (for finger holding) are secured by a strip of double sided velcro strapped right below the cap. The kit is watertight and has plenty of room for hooks, sinkers, floats and other stuff.

The basic ingredients for making my pocket fishing kit. 
A 2 oz. plastic container, some old road and mountain bike inner tubes, double sided velcro and of course fishing line.