Memoir of a "Kampung boy"

One of the most memorable scenes that greeted me during a ride to Penaga was
that of charming kampung boys, green padi fields and rustic kampung houses.
While some may take the setting for granted, to city slickers such as myself,
it reawakened a time when air was fresh, space was in abundance
and everything was right with the world.

Red Sunday

Somewhere between Penang & Kedah state border.
It's been almost 9 years since i did my solo exploration ride in this area.
Today, i came here with kawanbike (CS & O2). Our plan today is simple,
roam as far as possible & come back in one piece.

Road trip to Koh Samui

Traveling with children can be a wonderful experience.
With a little planning, imagination and a lot of patience,
we drove all the way from Penang (Malaysia) to this beautiful Samui island.