Ultralight DIY Stove - Mini Cook Kit (Update)

Well, having made it, i took the Mini Cook Kit out on a night ride the other day. Boiled some water, made some black tea. It was a bit windy that night, but no problem getting the job done. Though not a perfect score, but  i'm pretty pleased with the way it has worked out & of course, there's always room for improvement.

The highlight of the ride... A fresh cuppa black tea in the dark.
The only thing missing is a campfire to go along with the tea.
 But at some point, the artificial light sparked up an idea in my mind... 

For some reason, i'm always drawn to the idea of using natural fuel for cooking/boiling when i'm out and about. A wood burning stove, for instance, eliminates the need to buy/carry fuel. Although cooking with wood burning stove can be time consuming compared to alcohol stove. A wood burning stove is more fun to play with, the fire provides light to see in the dark, a sense of security & most important of all, the smell and sight of traditional outdoor cooking with wood fire. So with this in mind, i decided to take the thought a little further, adding a Hobo Stove (wood burning stove) to the kit for more fun & versatility.

Here's the outcome after another week of  fun cracking my head...

Now i can have the best of both worlds! 
The DIY Hobo Stove fits like a glove... Lightweight, packable & compact... like it should be.


The signature binder clips
Again, those multi-purpose binder clips from the kit can be used to raise the stove 
off ground for a cleaner & more efficient burn.

Simple yet effective 
Pot support made from old wire cloth hanger.

 Meet my friend, FRED
An old friend almost forgotten dug out from my old camping tool kit. A long-time mate since 1989 from the Royal Australian Air Force, nicknamed “Fucking Ridiculous Eating Device” 

FRED consists of a can opener, a bottle opener & a spoon. It can also come in handy for striking the firesteel, lifting a hot pot, cleaning mud from the tread of boots and much, much more. All in a package that weighs virtually nothing and folds up to virtually nothing too. For your information, FRED's real name is Field Ration Eating Device.

 A classic "10 Sen Knife" added for some nostalgic feel
A standard cutting tool next to a Parang in those days. A little knife that reminds me of my wonderful childhood & i'm happy to say that i got a deep cut scar on my finger from the knife, slicing bamboos for kite making when i was a kid. A little knife that holds so many stories of my childhood adventures...

 When it comes to "fire lighting"
Obviously my choice was the lighter with LED over Doan magnesium bar.

Ranger Bands
Cut from old bicycle tubes for so many different uses. 
E.g. Fire starter, a cup insulator & many many more...

My little assistant with mini kitchen
All together... Say cheese!

Finally... A fun packed Mini Cook Kit is ready for another great journey...

Ultralight DIY Stove - Mini Cook Kit

 As far as outdoor stoves are concerned, finding a perfect stove that does it all in all conditions seems impossible. So, a couple of weeks after playing with my (slightly bulky) DIY Wood Gas Stove,  i've been itching to make another stove & a Mini Cook Kit that is more ideal for short/quick outings.

Finally, after some digging around the house for unused stuffs/materials. I made myself a new tin can alcohol stove for the kit. Since my time spent outdoors usually last less than a day. A packable cook kit that is light & small enough to carry, fuel efficient, effective to cook/boil & easy to use are my criteria for making this little kit.

Here's the fun...

No special tools required. Even a rusty pen knife will get the job done. These cans weigh next to nothing, they're easy to get & the good news is there's a free drink inside if you buy the can!

Windscreen, pot stand, binder clips, stove, fuel, lighter, spoon, fork... fit snugly in the pot. 
Plenty of room still available for something else...a few tea bags/coffee sachets & a cup perhaps.

Typical weight weenie, i feel...

 One man's junk is another man's treasure, i think...
Happy stoving!

An unplanned holiday well spent

Naturally, Balik Pulau is the first place that comes to my mind when i try to avoid crowds during the Agong’s Birthday holiday weekend...

...and this is where we ended up. A quiet family retreat in the foothills surrounded by tropical fruit orchards. Thanks to Ah Boon, a super friendly kampung folk that brings us to his favorite childhood playground. It's the "number 1 water" according to Ah Boon. A natural outflow of ground water, the source of the "spring" water stream.

 I'm stuck in a moment of childhood...

There are so many things we can do... and we can do it all day long.