DIY-Pickup truck bike rack

DIY-ing stuff has always been my favorite past time. What could be more fun than making something useful and save ca$h at the same time.

As far as mountain biking is concerned, we all agree that the best way to enjoy riding is with a group. But most of the time, we have to drive (boringly) quite a distance in separate vehicles, wasting hard earned ca$h on toll and fuel just to get to the trail head. In this case, a bike rack that holds at least 3 bikes for CS's pickup truck is the best solution... because we know, getting there together is more fun!

Another DIY masterpiece which
cost only RM62 (parts & cutter).

All you need is kawan-kawanbike,
4 hours of laughter & of course a
brilliant idea by
to made it happen.

* Will post more pictures of the rack
in action soon! Stay tuned...

Pure & Simple

This is one of the coolest thing I've ever seen in our local cycling scene.
A humble biker with warm smile, cool attitude, creative mind & deep passion for cycling.
Indeed, this man has the soul of what a bike purist should have.


Every time i see a kid on a bicycle,
i feel the kid in me once again.

Iwen doing what he does best. Weaving around, chasing alley cats &
having great joy of cycling.