Flame Of Friendship

What is proper when given a knife as a gift?

Oops! Superstition suggests that it's bad luck to receive a knife as a gift because it "cuts" the friendship/ relationship. To avoid such bad luck, usually a coin or a valuable item is exchanged for the gift as "payment."

Luckily, i’m not really a superstitious person but i like the idea of giving something back when a gift is received. And so, this is what i made and plan to give in return...

A Bow Drill Fire set and share the “secret” of primitive fire making technique... and hopefully that the flame of friendship will be burning bright.

Mora 511 Knife Sheath Modification - DIY Belt Clip

For as long as i can remember, it was while fishing with Khairel (many many years ago) that i was introduced to the “ultra sharp” Mora Knife, a Mora fillet knife to be exact. Used primarily for slicing ikan Kembung (Indian Mackerel) as fishing bait.

Since then, the ultra sharp Swedish made fillet knife has made quite a deep impression on me, and the impression remain unchanged and locked in the tackle box for so long until recently a friend of mine got me a Mora 511 knife as a gift...

Now i’m thinking outside the tackle box...
And this leads to me to another fun project modifying and personalizing the knife to better suit my needs.


While this may look simple and straightforward, but the idea doesn’t come to me right away without days of searching, sourcing and testing only to realise that  a jeans button and a belt clip are the solution. 
The bony "Kembung Fish" jeans button was such a great find and it certainly gave the belt clip a very nice personal touch.

Fortunately, most metal belt clips came with a hole,  so a small hammer was the only tool of the trade...

Nailed it! 
The belt clip/button fits tightly and snugly together with the sheath. Simply perfect!

Just clip...click and go! No more belt or belt width problems. 
For added safety, a small loop of elastic cord with cord lock around the handle was added to further secure the knife in the sheath. "Peace of mind" even with some "out of mind" activity.
 Oh yeah, did i mention that the belt clip also swivels for comfort when sitting?