DIY Frame Bag for Bikepacking

Since bikepacking is a fairly new sport. Finding a "perfect fit" frame bag in Malaysia that fits the budget can be a long nightmare...

Even if available, i don't usually have a few hundred dollars lying around to spend on a bag. 
So, once again, my DIY mode kicked in. A homemade custom fit frame bag a la Revelate Designs was finally added to my "Rackless Carry Systems".

On the other hand, if you have deep pockets, like to shop online and happy to pay huge shipping fees... hoping for the postman to turn up at your doorstep everyday only to realize that your package has been lost in transit... or stuck in your local customs department... then... get taxed heavily for the bag you've already paid few times more expensive than those bikepackers do on the other side of the planet and... yet you still feel happy about it, then for sure a custom fit frame bag by Revelate Designs or Carousel Design Works seems like something worth pursuing.

Custom fit frame bag made possible... Thank goodness for O2's fantastic sewing skills. 
This would be the "home" for the kitchen (Mini Cook Kit) & some hot camping meals.

DIY Handlebar Harness for Bikepacking

After a much successful bikepacking to "Penang's Hidden Heritage" (click here!)

The quest for “Rackless Carry Systems” 
for my lightweight bikepacking setup continues...  

I’ve been working on a prototype Handlebar Harness to carry my bikepacking gear, 
particularly the jungle hammock/sleeping kit. The handlebar harness has been
out for testing, and so far it has held up pretty well.

 The sleeping kit stored comfortably under the handlebar with minimal 
interference to the cables.

 The design is simple, super easy to make and very versatile. 
Tent, sleeping bag, dry bag and even a plastic candy jar can be strapped and used 
at different time or trip. The velcro (to stem) and reusable cable ties (to handlebar) 
offer clean and quick setup or release. 

I like gear with multiple uses. It helps to cut down on the weight and 
add more smiles on the face.

So, why this hammock? 
It's light, cheap, practical and i still haven't found a reason not to use it.
Hammock and tarp also touted as the best shelter system to use in the jungle. 
This hammock can also be used on the ground if i choose to spend 
the night on the beach or somewhere flat. No boundaries, the sky's the limit.

My "all terrain" sleeping kit setups provide more campsite options.
 On flat ground, on a hillside, or even over a river. 
There is always a good place to sleep at the end of a ride.