Geocaching off the path

 Thanks to Geocaching. A little piece of paradise was found when we wandered off the beaten path while hunting for a geocache. A lovely quiet little spot with "postcard" view, perfect for the kids to explore and enjoy the abundant wildlife. Watching feeding birds (swiftlets i think) skimming over the water surface was truly amazing. We even spotted our first wild Tiger Barb (fish) in the water with plenty of healthy, beautiful aquatic plants. Wow!

Off the beaten path they go... the boys are really getting the hang of it.

East...West...South... Where's the treasure?

Even though we didn't find the geocache, we found something that was no less exciting than finding a cache.
A good walk...a surprise find...a great day out for the family.

DIY Wood Gas Stove

Another DIY stove added to my collection! After a couple of days of fun making it. We went out to play with the new toy on a recce ride, in search of the "Secret Beach" that i saw on Google Earth and been very curious about it.

  ...and to our surprise, we found this...
A wide, fast flowing river with very little traces of human civilization (trash)

 A great place for S240 bikepacking (Sub 24-hour overnight bike camping) or new gear testing indeed.

Back to the subject...
 For those who are not familiar with this type of stove, A wood gas stove differs from a wood burning stove. A wood gas stove uses gas from wood, and not the wood as fuel. It produces no smoke and a clean burn.

Here are some photos of my latest DIY stove i made. I don't go into the details of how to make the stove as there are so many information on the subject available online.
This lightweight wood-burning stove is really fun to make and even more fun to use. 
A few sticks, twigs and some fire building skills you're good to go.

 Looks good? Wait untill you smell the burning wood yourself!
This stove produces a real nice camp smell even when not cooking. 
Damn...I love this stove!