Survival Kit?

...or a "Recreation Kit" as i would preferred to call it.

In theory, this kit is a must for those who spend any time a
way from civilization which contains tools & supplies for some basic survival needs such as fire, water & shelter in a survival situation (with knowledge & skills of course)
But how often do we travel to remote places that far away from any mobile phone signal? A survival kit may sound too serious & it seems irrelevant, but somehow i find it quite amusing for another reason...

Starting a fire without matches or lighter (In this case, with Doan magnesium block from the kit) on a wet day is quite tricky. The only dry materials i found was a 3 feet long 2"x3" with nails on it & some fibers from a coconut tree as tinder...

Bon appetit! Nothing beats hot dogs on improvised bamboo skewers over an open fire. With a kit, skills like these can be practiced/used to better appreciate nature & for recreation, not just survival.

S240 Bikepacking... Old Crag Hotel (Penang’s Hidden Heritage)

Initially, it was supposed to be a simple Sub 24-hour overnight bike trip (S240) to experiment a rackless setup by using dry bag as a seat bag. But we ended up doing something really crazy that i could not possibly imagine especially with two newbies (Chen & Polo) joining the madness, riding one of the toughest trail in Penang on a bikepacking setup.

The plan was simple,
Day 1 : Hye Keat trail - Penang Hill - Old Crag Hotel (Camp)
Day 2 : Tiger Hill - back to where we started

Crag Hotel? Where?
A hidden deserted old hotel...on top of Penang the beaten track...coupled with a fascinating history. That’s all i know, i needed to know & i do know, less information = more adventure.

With good company & a place we’ve never been to explore. We rode, we trekked & we joked all the way till the next morning comes & back to where we started 24 hours ago.

Stay tuned, more photos coming soon...