The Making of A Jungle Bike Tour

Kawanbike's “Tour de Jungle 2012” bikepacking is in the pipeline... 
But the fun of planning, making my own gear, and testing out actually started long time before. The key principles of ultralight bikepacking such as minimizing and finding multiple uses for gears always keep me busy in a good way.

Here’s a little sneak peek into some of the new developments.

An improved version of waterproof seat bag.
A modified dry bag with added bungee cords for quick & flexible storage. 
The heavy Brooks has been a loyal companion so far & i'm happy to take him along.

 The cockpit...
Complete sleeping system (jungle hammock, tarp, ropes & sleeping liner)
under the handlebar secured with DIY handlebar harness. A fuel tank bag for
snacks, camera, sunglasses, etc.

Parangs sharpenend!
My all-time favorite multi-tasking jungle tool is in the list too, despite the slight weight penalty.

More modification and addition for the jungle hammock...  
These netted pockets also doubled as “side pull-out” for the hammock. Creating a larger interior space and increasing overall air circulation.


Of course, nothing is complete without a test in the real environment after all the works that are done indoor.

More stuff soon....


Adam Helfrich said...

What dry bag are you using for the seat bag?

can5 said...

"Akona" dry bag :)