DIY Folding Handle Mug for Mini Cook Kit

When ultralight mindset isn't really right...

As ultralight trend taking the ourdoor world by storm. Probably because of a little extra weight and the rigid/bulky handle, this familiar piece of stainless steel mug is often overlooked by ultralight outdoor enthusiasts who swear by titanium when it comes to cookware, despite the price tag.

But to a budget minded outdoorsman like me, a typical titanium mug (with folding handle) that costs 40 times more than its stainless steel cousin seems rather hard to justify.

 Alternatively, with a stainless steel mug (500ml ) that costs so less (about RM 3.90 or USD 1.28), nothing can possibly go wrong. Here's a quick and easy modification i made to solve the weight and storage problems.

No power tools... Basically a hex saw (for cutting), a nail (for holes) and some old cloth hanger (for handle) will do the job. The finished product weight about 73g. With a quick search on the internet... Surprise! It's actually lighter than most off the shelf Ti mug.

The result... An additional "ultracheap accessory" that integrate seamlessly with my Mini Cook Kit that still packed up small and i'm very pleased with it.


Mark Lurie said...

That's a great modification!

can5 said...

It's simple but it works :)