Ultralight DIY Stove - Model ABC

Here's another DIY alcohol stove to add to my collection. This is a non-pressurized model with adjustable flame control & no priming required.

Wow! A cool looking stove with controllable flame that lights easily sounds good right? So how do i do it??

First of all, don't let the complicated look scare you, in fact, this could be the easiest DIY stove to make that you can ever imagine, all you need to do is:

A) Get yourself a spinning ashtray,
B) poke some holes around the lid &
C) cram in some fiberglass insulation...

Tadaa!! Here you go, as simple as ABC :)

My cool ABC stove snugged perfectly in the
pot stand/windshield. The rock-solid pot stand/windshield combo was crafted from a 500g Nestle cereal tin & finished with Three 51mm binder clips.

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