Ultralight DIY Stove

Outdoor cooking is one of my favorite activities. Be it a 3 day bikepacking epic or a half day fishing trip, i always carry a stove (Camping Gaz Turbo 270) with me. I've owned this little stove for over 10 years and it still performed like a champ. However, nothing’s perfect, the price for a 220g canister has hiked up almost 150% since then and its quite difficult to get one too especially here in Penang. Thus, the idea of having a backup stove came in.

While doing some research for a alternative stove online the other day, i stumble across a very funky DIY can stove that is fun to make and use. Without a second thought, i decided to give it a try.

A pot stand/windshield combo (my own design) was crafted from a 500g Nestle cereal tin & finished with Three 51mm binder clips to complement the stove. The tin lid work as a nice priming pan.

This simple pot stand/windshield provides a extremely stable base for my 14cm pot & fits perfectly inside together with the stove & fuel bottle.

So how does it work anyway? Check this out!




Pulau Jerjak said...


Eh I wish we got the big type aluminum can like "Foster" beer can in M'sia. Then can make
huge "sprit stove" . Burn more than hour, haha.

Mine similar like yours, but little taller around 5cm (16 holes). Full load 4oz, burn 40+- minutes.