Bahco Laplander

My Monday Blues cured almost immediately when I see a package from USA waiting at my doorstep.
I finally got my hands on this rugged little Swedish beauty after searching high and low for one (locally) without luck.

Lightweight, compact and extremely efficient. Bahco Laplander has earned its reputation as one of the most well known folding saws on the planet. Ironically, in all my years of enjoying the outdoors, I've never actually owned/carried a saw. A saw seems redundant, and I have to admit that I'm a big fan of Parang. 

 However, on second thought, safety comes first. Engaging in wood processing activity (in the presence of children) with a saw is much safer compared to a swinging Parang. Besides, it's interesting to see how would a Laplander live up to its reputation, and how well would it fare in the hot, humid and wet tropical jungle.

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