DIY Cat Stove, Stabilizer & Mini Windshield for Trangia Mess Tin

Apart from my usual DIY Mini Cook Kit which i normally carry when outdoors, I've put together another ultralight cook kit for trips that require more cooking by using my old Trangia mess tin with a homemade Cat Stove. Lightweight, efficient and super simple to make, the Cat Stove is one of the most popular DIY alcohol stoves among ultralight hikers/bikepackers.

Here's my own version of the "Super Cat Stove" with a twist...

A Cat Stove with stabilizer and mini windshield...
Safer, better and more dependable.

It's always fun to make my own gear for my needs

  The "X" stabilizer was made from 2 pieces of triangular Yoke plates that can be easily bought at any hardware store. As usual, all work was done with very minimal tools, a hack saw, a file, a knife and some other common tools around the house. As for the stove, you can use a cat food can or the Ayam Brand "Snack Pack" tuna spread can, and punch the holes with a standard office hole punch.

 The stabilizer could easily put together or come 
apart and lay flat for storage...

 To set up, simply clip the plates together by interlocking the center notches.
Place in the burner and the mini windshield, and they're all set!

All in one... Trangia mess tin cook kit

The mini windshield was made from a 100g RICOLA Swiss Herb Candy can.
Cut 4 deep "V" notches to allow the windshield to sit slightly below the burner's rim.
All alcohol stoves are extremely wind sensitive, the mini windshield was tested and it worked out 
pretty well in mild windy condition. However, it would be nice to have a bigger windshield 
as backup, and the ultra lightweight kitchen aluminium foil is just perfect for that.


With only 30ml of spirit, it boils 500ml of water in 7 minutes and continue
to burn for around 2-3 minutes after I had removed the mess tin.

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