Bushcraft Whistle

Once again, as if the kids are not having enough whistles to make enough noise to be heard around the neighbourhood, i made them more whistles from wild Fig tree that the kids and me harvested from the bush near our house. It's great fun to make, and they are annoyingly LOUD! The kids love them, i love them, but i doubt my neighbours feel the same way we do.

A great find on the material...
 The young Fig tree branches are hollow, soft enough to be easily cut with a knife and just hard enough to hold the plugs tightly at both ends of the whistle. 

 Well, apart from the risk of being labeled as "annoying neighbour", 
it was fun to have a little bushcraft project like this to share with the kids at home nevertheless.

 Sorry neighbours..... Fweeeeeeet...!!  Fweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet...!!!

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