Flame Of Friendship

What is proper when given a knife as a gift?

Oops! Superstition suggests that it's bad luck to receive a knife as a gift because it "cuts" the friendship/ relationship. To avoid such bad luck, usually a coin or a valuable item is exchanged for the gift as "payment."

Luckily, i’m not really a superstitious person but i like the idea of giving something back when a gift is received. And so, this is what i made and plan to give in return...

A Bow Drill Fire set and share the “secret” of primitive fire making technique... and hopefully that the flame of friendship will be burning bright.


Anonymous said...


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can5 said...

Hi Alan,

Hahaha... Good to know that i’m not the only cyclist who find playing with tin cans or rubbing sticks together to make a fire is interesting.

Thanks for sharing your activities.

Have fun and keep exploring!