Bikepacking "Tour de Jungle" (Part 2)

The key principles of ultralight bikepacking are minimizing and finding multiple uses for gears. Hence, do it yourself (DIY) and modifying gears played a big part in order to achieve the goal.  

Here's a good example of a stainless steel bottle that doubled as a pot. A simple loop of galvanized metal banding around the bottle neck and a carabiner will act as a bail.  Combined with some simple bushcraft and improvisation using natural materials, the jungle can be a very rewarding place to explore on a bike.

 Kawan+Bike always live up to its name...
 Apart from the bike, good companions are vital to the tour.
We firmly believe that "No trail is long with good company"

and... when the going gets tough, there's always someone who is willing to cheer things up.
"Gangnam Style" was the remedy entertainment that our friend (CS) has chosen.

... And someone like Ah Chen doing what he always does, keeping the kawanbike fire burning and making sure no one goes hungry at any time. Good food and tasty beverage never fails to please... Cheers!

 Obviously, we enjoy food as much as we enjoy riding...
 Often, appertizing and lightweight don't mix when it comes to food. Coming up with bikepacking food isn't simple at all. Tried and true (before this tour). Couscous with our choice of canned foods are hard to beat in terms of convenience and satisfying. A meal like this can be done in a snap with this little ultralight DIY stove .

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