Ultralight DIY Stove - Mini Cook Kit

 As far as outdoor stoves are concerned, finding a perfect stove that does it all in all conditions seems impossible. So, a couple of weeks after playing with my (slightly bulky) DIY Wood Gas Stove,  i've been itching to make another stove & a Mini Cook Kit that is more ideal for short/quick outings.

Finally, after some digging around the house for unused stuffs/materials. I made myself a new tin can alcohol stove for the kit. Since my time spent outdoors usually last less than a day. A packable cook kit that is light & small enough to carry, fuel efficient, effective to cook/boil & easy to use are my criteria for making this little kit.

Here's the fun...

No special tools required. Even a rusty pen knife will get the job done. These cans weigh next to nothing, they're easy to get & the good news is there's a free drink inside if you buy the can!

Windscreen, pot stand, binder clips, stove, fuel, lighter, spoon, fork... fit snugly in the pot. 
Plenty of room still available for something else...a few tea bags/coffee sachets & a cup perhaps.

Typical weight weenie, i feel...

 One man's junk is another man's treasure, i think...
Happy stoving!

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