Bittersweet Penang National Park

It was a fun friends & family day out at the beach, and what's more, beautiful weather coupled with BBQ & endless supply of cold beers. Everything was so perfect until a dead sea turtle was found floating a few hundred meters off Muka Head beach while we're on our way back to Teluk Bahang harbour. This was my third sea turtle encounter in this area. Unfortunately, this one was not so lucky.What a bittersweet way to call it a day.

Penang National Park
is one of the few natural forested areas left on the island. It is also currently the world's smallest national park with a combination of the forest and sea. Rich in biodiversity and wildlife, a fun day at the park/beach can turn into an opportunity to teach the kids about marine life and how we need to protect our seas or mother nature in general.

- Below is a video footage with Pak Atan (boatman), CS and company retrieving the poor turtle from the sea before sending it to the Turtle Conservation Centre at Pantai Kerachut.

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