Penang Char Koay Teow

On 14th February 2009, this popular Penang hawker dish has been declared as a traditional delicacy among other 172 items under the National Heritage listing.

To me, Char Koay Teow is more than just a famous hawker dish in penang. It's the culture, history & memories that make this simple delicacy so special.
I've been a great
fan of CKT for as long as i can remember. I still remember those days when my buddy & me have to cycle through dark, scary & dogs infested kampung (village) roads just to get to our favorite CKT stall for supper.

Today, i don't have to go through those ordeal for CKT anymore. I can drive or even ride a motorbike
, but i guess i still prefer the old way to get my Char koay Teow.

A used Bridgestone Subnade, fully imported from Japan that cost me RM120 only.

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