DIY Wood Gas Stove

Another DIY stove added to my collection! After a couple of days of fun making it. We went out to play with the new toy on a recce ride, in search of the "Secret Beach" that i saw on Google Earth and been very curious about it.

  ...and to our surprise, we found this...
A wide, fast flowing river with very little traces of human civilization (trash)

 A great place for S240 bikepacking (Sub 24-hour overnight bike camping) or new gear testing indeed.

Back to the subject...
 For those who are not familiar with this type of stove, A wood gas stove differs from a wood burning stove. A wood gas stove uses gas from wood, and not the wood as fuel. It produces no smoke and a clean burn.

Here are some photos of my latest DIY stove i made. I don't go into the details of how to make the stove as there are so many information on the subject available online.
This lightweight wood-burning stove is really fun to make and even more fun to use. 
A few sticks, twigs and some fire building skills you're good to go.

 Looks good? Wait untill you smell the burning wood yourself!
This stove produces a real nice camp smell even when not cooking. 
Damn...I love this stove!

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